Direct Deposit

  • You can have your government benefits or paycheck deposit directly into your Prepaid MasterCard® for FREE! You can have multiple checks deposited into your account each month. Save yourself the hassle of waiting in long lines and paying check cashing fee by signing up today.
  • Signing Up: Once you receive your prepaid MasterCard take the direct deposit form to your payroll/human resource department. Once they complete the form your direct deposit will be deposited in your account.
  • Federal Benefits: You can have one or multiple federal benefit checks directly deposited into. To set up your direct deposit contact 1-800-333-1795 or go online to set up your direct deposit .
  • Important information to have to set up federal benefits:
    • Social security number or claim number
    • 12 digit federal benefit check number
    • Amount of most recent federal benefit check
    • Routing transit number
    • Account number and type-checking or savings.
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